L&D: Understanding the World – Part 1/3

January 12th, 2014

Aspect: People & Communities


This is the fourteenth blog in our series on the 7 areas of learning & development (L&D). So far we have looked at what the 7 areas of L&D are and have discussed why they are important. We also looked at the three prime areas of learning & development: ‘Personal, Social & Emotional development’, ‘Communication & Language’, and ‘Physical Development’. After this we moved on to look at the four specific areas of learning & development and our last two blogs concentrated on the ‘Mathematics’ area. For each area we have suggested activities that promote each of the aspects which sit within the areas.

In this blog begin to look at the ‘Understanding the World’ specific area. This area of L&D consists of 3 parts, which are known as ‘Aspects’. Each aspect leads to one of the 17 EYFS early learning goals (the knowledge, skills and understanding children should have at the end of the academic year in which they turn five). The diagram below shows how the Understanding the World area is made up of three aspects and three early learning goals:

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