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Our new Learning & Development Tracker

Our new Learning & Development Tracker We have had a couple of requests recently from members asking for a single tracker sheet to record the progress of children in their care across the seven areas of learning & development. It seems that local authorities are starting to promote the use of such trackers as a […]

Introducing our new ‘Lean paperwork’ EYFS Circle & resources

Reducing your paperwork burden Introduction Ofsted has recently given guidance as to what written paperwork Childminder are required to have [1]. You can download a copy of the guidance from our DfE & Ofsted documents page. Here is an extract from the document detailing written requirements in regards to learning & development: “Good childminders will […]

L&D: Physical Development – Part 2/2

Aspect: Health & Self-care Introduction This is the ninth blog in our series on the 7 areas of learning & development (L&D). So far we have looked at what the 7 areas of L&D are and have discussed why they are important. We have also looked at both the ‘Personal, Social & Emotional development’ and […]

Stuck with your EYFS Observation, Assessment & Planning?

Our latest eBook: EYFS Observation, Assessment & Planning Maybe you are a new Childminder, or perhaps an established one, and would like to gain an insight into how you could effectively carry out EYFS assessments in your setting. This guide is for all registered childminders in England who are wondering how to practically implement the […]

Are you a childminder providing wrap around care to EYFS children?

Our Supportive Partnership Plan Are you a childminder who provides wrap around or holiday care for EYFS children? If so you may know that the EYFS (2012) framework states: “Wrap around (care offered before and after a school day, e.g. by an after school club or by a childminder) and holiday providers (provision exclusively in […]

An introduction to adult-led and child-initiated activities

An introduction to adult-led & child-initiated activities for Childminders We have been asked by a member for more information on adult-led and child-initiated activities. These terms are used in the EYFS framework and many childminders may be aware of the concepts. Here we aim to shine some light on them in the context of childminding. […]

The EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning

A quick look at the EYFS 2012 Characteristics of effective learning Do you know the EYFS three Characteristics of effective learning? Our guess is that even if you aren’t aware of them you are probably putting each into practice already. However as they are mentioned in both the EYFS Framework and Development Matters supporting document […]

Updates to our planning records

We have updated our planning records Hi everyone, just to let you know our EYFS 2012 Observation, assessment and planning records now include the development matters age-bands. You can now simply circle the relevant age-band for each aspect of the seven areas of learning & development. We have also updated our completed examples with the […]

Childminding – The Whys, Hows and Whens of recording a child’s starting points

A child’s starting points – For Ofsted registered childminders Why should I record a child’s starting points? When you first care for a child, it is a good idea to gain an understanding of that child’s starting points. This process will help you to provide appropriate care for the child as it will: Help you […]

More completed examples of our EYFS 2012 Childminding planning sheets

Completed examples for a 10 month baby Hi everyone, As promised we have now created completed examples of our childminding EYFS 2012 Observation, Assessment & Planning records and Child’s Personal Plan for a 10 month old baby. These are available for all members to download from our EYFS 2012 resources page. Thanks, Amanda   We […]

Completed examples of our EYFS 2012 Childminding planning documents

Need help with your EYFS 2012 planning? We have just added new completed examples of our Childminding EYFS 2012 Observation, Assessment & Planning record and EYFS 2012 Child’s Personal plan. They are for a 42 month old child. Hopefully they will provide some inspiration if you are struggling with your EYFS planning. Members can access […]

Mobile Phone & Camera Policy for Childminders

Mobile Phone & Camera Policy for Childminders Hi everyone, just in case you haven’t seen our Facebook or Twitter posts, we wanted to make sure you know that we now have a Mobile phone & Camera Policy for childminders available for all members. Currently our Safeguarding Policy has a section on mobile phone and camera […]

Childminding & The new Progress Check

The Progress check at age two – 10 FAQs The new EYFS regulations introduce, for the first time, a requirement for childcare practitioners to carry out a formal progress check for each child between the ages of 24 – 36 months. Here we answer ten questions you may have on how to successfully include the […]

EYFS 2012 – Find out what it means for childminders!

With the EYFS 2012 statutory framework just published, we look at what the new regulations mean for childminders in England This is the forth in our series of blogs on the development of the Revised EYFS, or as we now call it, EYFS 2012. For those who have read our blogs on the proposed changes […]

The revised EYFS – The revised statutory framework is now out

The Early Years Foundation Stage – 2012 Hi everyone, The revised statutory framework for the EYFS has now been published. I have had a quick look through and it seems to be very similar to the July 2011 version that I have previously blogged about. I will have a complete read through of the new […]

The Revised EYFS – what could it mean for childminders?

The Revised EYFS will mean changes for all childminders! This is the second in our series of blogs on the development of the Revised EYFS. With the Revised EYFS regulations in draft form and a review by Ofsted still in its consultation stage, we take an early look at what the headline changes of the […]

The Revised EYFS regulations, the story so far…

The Early Years Foundation Stage regulations are changing! This is the first in our series of blogs on the development of the Revised EYFS. The revised EYFS regulations will be upon us from September 2012 and will affect all registered childminding settings in England & Wales. The Government and Ofsted have already taken steps to […]