How does membership work?

Become a member

Simply click on the Paypal icon on our ‘Become a member” page, then complete the Paypal instructions, after payment you will be redirected to our membership page where you then complete your login details. After these easy steps you will have access to the whole of the Childminding Café website.  Alternatively contact the childminding cafe to arrange a more convenient payment plan suitable to your own needs.
During membership
As a member you will become part of our childminder community, giving you access to resources, business inspiration and coaching for your childminding setting.
You will be able to access and download all the resources shown on the Café Resources pages, these include our newly created EYFS 2014 resources. The resources are a mix of pdf, Word documents and Excel sheets so that where suitable, you can make changes to suit your own childminding setting and either save the documents onto your computer or print them out as often as you want.
You will also be able to post and reply on our Coaching Q&A board, read all the blogs and be the first to access our regularly created new childminding resources.
At the end of your memebrship year
Your initial payment is for a whole year’s membership. At the end of the year your membership will be renewed automatically (this will be agreed at the time of registering with your permission when inputting your membership details. Paypal will make an automatic attempt to process your annual membership renewal. Renewal will be at the standard membership rate (£22 per year).