Thank you for taking the time to look at our site, we have tried to think of questions you might have about The Childminding Café below, however if you are still unsure please contact us and we will do our best to answer as soon as possible.

What resources are available?
  There are over 180 resources available to members. This number is growing with new resources added every month. Take a look at our ‘Full list of Available Resources‘ page to see a complete list of all our resources.
What else is available?
In addition to the downloadable resources, Business Inspiration Blogs are regularly written, especially when there is breaking news affecting the childcare industry.
Members can also use our Coaching Q&A Board to ask questions and get replies from us and other members.
Further a new “Childminding Café Newsletter” is available completely free each month and will be sent to the email address that you give us.
What are the resources like?
Member resources are mostly Word documents, are written in simple English and are downloadable and editable so that you can change them to make them appropriate for your unique setting.
 Do I have to become a member to download the resources?
Yes and no – There are four resources available to everyone on our Free Resources page. All other downloadable resources, plus access to the Blog and Coaching Q&A Board are available only to members.
I am not a member, can I get free resources?
  Yes – there we have some free resources available that guests (non-members) can access by completing the form on our Free Resources page.
Can I amend the resources that I download?
Yes – As almost all member resources are downloadable as Word or Excel files, they can be amended as appropriate for your setting. A few ‘information’ resources are pdf files.
Are the resources suitable for the revised EYFS 2014?
Yes all resources are suitable for EYFS 2014
Can I share the resources with friends or sell them to other childminders?
No – members can download the resources for use in their own setting only. They can not be shared or sold on in any way. Please read our terms & conditions for information on this.
Do you provide a Childminding Contract template?
We offer many childminding management resources, however as Childminding Insurance providers may insist that you use their Childminding contracts, we do not produce our own.
 How much does membership cost?
You can become a member for a whole year for a single payment of £29! Subsequent years memberships will be at an even lower rate of £22 for each year.
How do I become a member?
Becoming a member is easy, our “Become a Member” page walks you through the 5 simple steps to membership.
Do I need to have a paypal account to become a member?
No, you can use your paypal account, or you can become a member using your debit card. Paypal can arrange this without you having a paypal account. Either way click on the subscribe button on the ‘Become a Member’ page to become a member.
 What do I get from membership?
As a member you will be able to:
Access and download all our resources, read and comment on our Business Inspiration Blogs, ask questions and reply to other members’ questions on our Coaching Q&A Board and receive the full version of our regular monthly “The Childminding Café Newsletter”.
Have a look at our Benefits of Membership page for all the details.
As we grow in membership and age, more and more content will be added to this site.
We need to be clear however that we do not offer legal advice or support and that everything we provide is for general information purposes. For more on this please read our terms & conditions.
How does membership work?
  Membership is paid for on an annual basis, for full details please look at our How does membership work? page for all the details
How long does membership last?
Membership is on-going. Your first payment will give you access for a whole year.
 What happens at the end of my annual subscription?
At the end of your membership year we will attempt to email you on the email address you give us, to let you know your membership needs to be renewed. This gives you the opportunity to contact us to cancel or amend your payment details before Paypal makes an automatic attempt at membership renewal. Renewal will be at the on-going membership rate (£22 per year).
 Can I use my friend’s membership?
 No – your membership is for your own use only. Please do not give your login details to anyone else. Each account can only be accessed by a limited number of IP addresses. It you share your account details you may not be able to access your membership yourself.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
You have the right to cancel your membership within the first 7 days if you change your mind. All that we ask is that you let us know and that you do not keep any documents that you may have downloaded, either as paper or on your computer.
It is also possible for you to stop a recurring annual payment through your own paypal account at any time.
If at the end of your membership year, if you do not want to stay a member, please let us know before your membership birthday, when Paypal will make an automatic attempt at membership renewal.
Please note that cancelling your newsletter subscription (by clicking on ‘Unsubscribe’ when you get the monthly newsletter) does not cancel your membership.
Please look at our terms & conditions for full information on this.
I am in the childcare industry but not a childminder – can I still join?
If you are not a childminder but would like to join (perhaps you run a nursery or are a local authority childcare advisor) please contact us about membership.
How do I contact The Childminding Café team?
You can contact us by email or online message. See our Contact Us page for all the details.
How long has The Childminding Café been open?
The Childminding Café opened in early 2012.
Please see our Feedback page for feedback on her sales.
How often is the Business Inspiration Blog updated?
The Business Inspiration Blog is updated regularly with information about the childcare industry and EYFS 2014 as well as with updates about our resources. Remember as with all the information on this site, blog content is our opinion and take on what is happening.
How frequent are the newsletters?
Our newsletters are usually sent out at the start of each month.
What is the Coaching Q&A Board like?
The Coaching Q&A Board is a Q&A board for all members. Members can use a button on the board to send us a question and we will reply directly, and if we think others might want like to see your question and our answer, we will also post them on the Coaching Q&A Board. Members can also send us replies to other questions, which we will add to the board. As we are just a young site it will take a while to build up content on the Coaching Q&A Board.
 What information will you keep on me?
 As your payment is made through Paypal, we do not have access to any of your financial information. We keep the details that you give us as you become a member, but will not pass these details on to any one else. If you are a guest and give us your email details, we will keep these details but will not pass them on to anyone else. We may send additional information about The Childminding Café to you but you can unsubscribe at any time.


If we haven’t managed to answer your question, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.