Monthly Archives: December 2012

Childminding – How many children can I care for?

Information on the number of Children Ofsted registered Childminders can care for at any one time Hi everyone, We have had a few members ask us about the number of children that they are allowed to care for within the 2012 EYFS framework. This factsheet just published by Ofsted may clarify the situation for you. […]

Why we suggest childminders complete Ofsted’s SEF (and how we can help)

Ofsted’s self-evaluation form Why we think you should complete self-evaluation and how we can help you to complete Ofsted’s self-evaluation form. What is the Self-evaluation form? Ofsted’s self-evaluation form (SEF) is provided by Ofsted as part of a process of continuous self-improvement for all registered childcare providers on the early years register. Do I have […]