Part 6 of ‘Marketing your childminding business’ Step 4b – Price

May 6th, 2012

Your Childminding Marketing Mix – Price

Hi, welcome to the sixth blog in our series on marketing your childminding business. In this blog we are moving on to the Price element of your marketing mix. This is all about how much you charge for childminding, exactly what you charge for, and how parents/carers can pay for the childcare.

The price you charge for childminding

Most childminders have an hourly rate that they charge. These rates vary across the country. According to The Daycare Trust the average hourly rate (based on 25 hours of care a week for a child under 2 years old) that a childminder in England charges is £3.70. This compares with £4.08 for an hour of care in a nursery. The average hourly rate charged by childminders differs widely across the country. Childminders in East Midlands charge an average rate of £3.17 per hour whilst those in London charge £2 more at an average of £5.18 per hour.

The chart below show average hourly fees charged based on 25 hours of care a week for a child under 2. Data is from The Daycare Trust’s Childcare costs survey 2012.

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