Part 5 of ‘Marketing your childminding business’ – Step 4a – Your Childminding product

April 19th, 2012

Your Childminding Marketing Mix – Product

Hi, welcome to the fifth in our series of blogs on marketing your childminding business. In this blog we look at Step 4,  your marketing mix, and in particular the Product part of your marketing mix. Confused? Let’s have a recap using the diagram from the first blog in this series:

5 steps to marketing success

So by this point you have worked out what you want to sell (the type of childminding you want to offer) and you know that there are parents / carers in your area that are looking for this type of childcare.

Now it is time to develop your marketing mix. You may have heard of the Marketing mix before as it is used in marketing talk worldwide. If you haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry it isn’t complicated. The idea is that to get customers to buy what you are selling you need to determine four things: You need to consider exactly what your product is; what price you are going to charge; how you promote the fact your customers know your product exists; and finally how you will get your product to the place of your customer. The fourth point ‘Place’ isn’t too relevant to childminding (it is more for physical products like how to get a mars bar into the hands of customers) so we won’t spend much time on it. The other three P’s are all important though, we cover ‘Product’ here and will look at ‘Price’ and ‘Promotion’ in the next two blogs.

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2 Responses to Part 5 of ‘Marketing your childminding business’ – Step 4a – Your Childminding product

  1. christine parkinson says:

    Hi I’m just getting registered where can I advertise my childminding services thanks Chris

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Chris

      Thanks for your message – Have you read our ‘Marketing your Childminding Business’ eBook? it is one of our many eBooks available to members. It suggests a variety of different places to advertise. Hope that helps, Amanda.

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